Marketing Tools and Customer Service Evaluation

Essay by shastabritt January 2008

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IntroductionA critical element of an organization's web site is how well it implements the tools of marketing. Some of the fundamental elements that are considered in the development of the web page include; an assessment of the organization's needs, good research of the audience, site development to reflect the character and reputation of the organization, ensuring an adequate level of animation, programming and multimedia, and most important ensuring the site is hosted on a reliable high speed connection, and use a dependable server and backup. The use of banners, shopping cart simplification and continuous adaptation to consumer desires for particular products or services are all significant web page marketing tools that a successful organization also considers when developing and maintaining their web site. This paper will discuss the use of marketing tools for American Eagle, Pyramid Collection, and JC Penny, and will evaluate the customer service of all sites.

American EagleAmerican Eagle markets their clothing line through stores and online websites. The online website has many marketing aspects to it. The initial webpage is used as a marketing tool. Their clothing line is geared toward a younger market, so they use young actors in their ads. Another marketing tool they use is free shipping if you purchase a certain amount of clothing. This is always a good draw for customers because consumers are always looking for a good deal, especially at holidays. Since it is at the holidays, they are marketing their gift cards and e-gift cards. With this marketing, they are using festive graphics to draw a customer's attention to certain areas of their websites. American Eagle has also added a link to their website for last minute gifts. This link pulls up certain items that are listed in amount order. Other links that are used...