"Marooned Essay." Goes with book "Lord of the Flies". Its bout 4 people on an island. Tells who the leader is and why, 3 rules and why, and 3 problems and how they were solved.

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Marooned Essay

It was a dark and stormy night. The winds were high and the sea was raging. Our plane lost control over the Virgin Islands and we crashed into an uncharted tropical island. Betsy Miller, Jessica Pennington, Angie Pitcher and I, Angie Wilson, stayed in the wreckage of the plane that night and listened to the storm howl. We were frightened, and we didn't know how long it might take to be rescued. We also didn't know if there were animals, food, or safe drinking water.

A few days after the crash we decided that Betsy was to be our leader. We did this for a few reasons. First of all, she is very responsible. She is also an intellectual. She uses her psyche very wisely and that is a great leadership quality. Lastly, Angie, Jessica and I thought that she was completely rational. We thought it would be a good idea to have a leader who is not extreme, yet lively enough to make quick decisions.

Later on we also decided that we needed to lay some out rules. Rule number one was that all decisions were to be voted on openly and majority rule would win. We set this in place because it was democratic and logical. The next rule was that all tasks would be assigned and completed on time. Of course we needed to become productive so that rule was a given. Finally, rule number three was to keep in mind that nothing was to be put before being rescued. This rule was obviously required because we needed to keep a positive attitude towards being rescued. We would have more of a chance of being rescued if we always thought about it, right?

Naturally, we ran into a few problems on our little oasis.