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Marriage is one of the most blissful moments that could happen to anyone's life. For me, marrying with someone who had been very special to me was one of my highest accomplishments in my life. But all those jubilant moments suddenly frayed away a few months back. As I stared at the bustling road in front of my window apartment, my mind jostled back to the memories that I had once left.

After a long period of wedding preparation, the time finally arrived, when Michael and I would soon be married. I looked into the mirror, seeing myself cladded with a beautiful wedding gown. An incredulous look creased on my forehead. I could not even have, once in my life, imagined that I just had my wedding vows with someone so special.

I put on my high heel pair of cream-colored shoes, which complements effectively with the pastel hue of my gown.

I walked steadily out of my hotel apartment, took a lift to the multi-purpose hall which was located at level three. My mind was apparently swirled with all sorts of mundane questions about myself and the wedding. As I steadied myself toward the gigantic hall order, my heart starts to pound wildly in my heart.

"It is your big day!" whispered my mother to my ears. Soon the door was opened. Sudden looks of awe and astonishment was presented to me while I walked down the aisle. The astounding embellishment of decoration with the addition of the suspended crystal chandelier stood before me. It was an overwhelming sight. It was beautiful. The exorbitant embellishments were indeed extraordinary.

I could discern that Michael was certainly delighted, depicting from his ever so warm smile that he flashed. I quickened my pace and headed to the gold seat embroidered...