Marriage And Divorce of the Baby Boomers

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13 June 2004

Marriage and Divorce of the Baby Boomers

When we speak divorces in today's setting it is important to look at the purposes people got married twenty to thirty years ago. In examining the circumstances prior to the engagement in the majority of marriages at those times you will find many similarities. To determine which similarities had the biggest effect on divorces today, I want to give a general description of the ideal marital conceptions.

Starting with the baby boomer era the family had become a symbol of status. The baby boomers were expected to grow up, get married, have children and then become financially sound so that their children could attain and enjoy all the things they had to work so hard to get.

Here are some general similarities in the premarital circumstances that I spoke of earlier. Two young adults met, usually eighteen to twenty five years of age, and then fell passionately in love.

Neither person really had an understanding of what they were looking for in life, other than the ideals that were the trend at the time. They both wanted children, that would prove that they were now adults and on their own. To have children they needed to be married so they did that, still unaware of the their own passions for life. They were now married, with children and they could now have grandparents around for Christmas's around the tree, Thanksgiving in front of the television and Fourth of July's in the back yard or at the lake. The new parents rarely moved out of the city in which they were born staying close to Mom and Dad for the first several years. They now had the ideal family that they had come to believe in, but now...