Marriage and Family

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There are several things I would be willing to compromise when describing my ideal mate. The first thing I would be willing to compromise is race. While I have generally been attracted to predominately white females I would definitely make an exception for a Hispanic or African American woman granted she had all of the other qualities I was looking for. Another compromise I would possibly make is her size. I tend to be more attracted to smaller petite girls but, I am sure that if I met someone who made me happy and fulfilled all the other aspects that I am looking for in a mate and was not petite I would compromise that for happiness and love. Finally, I would preferably like to end up with a woman who is willing to get out into the work force and not just be a stay at home wife/mom. However, I would be willing to compromise this if I were making enough money to support our family or if we had young children at the house that needed her there.

Assessing myself I see many positive qualities as well as a few that could use some work. I feel that I am a fairly attractive guy with a lot to offer. I currently go to school in the morning, Manage a marketing firm during the day and ocaisionaly DJ downtown on the weekends. I make decent money, have a good sense of humor and am very easy to get along with. However at this point and time I don't believe I could afford the person I am looking for right now. I don't make the kind of money that would be able to support a family and emotionally I don't think I am there yet either. I would think that...