Marriage A Big Decision! this is a story which tells about todays culture in Asia. Parents want their daughter marry where they want and it sometimes ends up in sad results.

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Marriage a big decision

Submitted by: Syed R Fayyaz

"Kamran! Ever since I met you, I found you so nice. You could be an ideal guy for every girl, you are handsome, rich, polite, every girl would love to get married with you, today I came here to save three lives; mine, yours, and Asif's. I know Asif since my childhood; he has been unlucky since his childhood. I still remember that night, everyone was in panic, his house was on fire and he was sitting in our parking lot watching his house, crying and weeping. He was calling his mom, he was almost unconscious, and he lost all his family that night, then my grandfather took him to our house and took the responsibility to take care of him. Then he brought him up, he became my good friend, we are almost the same age, we used to spend all the time together, we were close friends, we started sharing our feeling.

He used to ask me one question every day that on what charges did God punish him? Why He took his family from him? He was scattered from inside, my grandfather and mom helped him get through this, they gave him the same love they give me, the same love that his family would have given him, he was so alone, I was his only friend...Then I don't know how I started liking him, I was feeling incomplete when he was not with me and he was feeling the same too, though he didn't ever show his feeling, but, somehow, I felt it. This feeling was getting more and more, and at last I realized that I love him, may be he takes good care of me that's why, or may be I have spend more time...