Is Marriage Sacred?

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It is surprising at how casual people seem to view marriage. I may be different, but when I got married I got married to spend the rest of my life with someone and too have the security of being with the same man and building a future for our family. It seems to me that anyone and everyone can get married for any reason and then they can turn around and end it just as quickly without ever having any consequence. If someone gets married they should do it without any reservation as to the person they are marrying will be the one that they do want to spend the rest of their life with "Till death do them part" (Wikimedia Foundation).

I think far too much thought, planning and money go into choosing everything for the wedding and not enough consideration goes into planning the marriage itself.

Two people need to think things through, talk about every subject under the sky, and then get married. Spending so much money that you both go into debt before you even get married isn't necessary. Once you take your vows and take each other 'for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,' that should be for all eternity. I'm not saying that there's never a reason for divorce, but people walk into and out of marriage with much less seriousness than marriage warrants. If you do not love each other and do not want to spend the rest of your lives together, cancel the wedding plans now before it's too late.

Other people should look out for people wearing wedding bands and respect their marriages. It's just not possible that people just happen to fall in love with people in work or church who are married. They must be leaving...