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Ryan Rusa

Mrs. Marsiglia

Scifi and fantasy/Period 4

May 20, 2013

Why an Apocalypse?

Why do people feel the need to prepare for an improbable zombie apocalypse? Many apocalyptic/ post-apocalyptic media has influenced us today. People watch too much movies about the apocalypse. They watch doomsday movies, zombie movies, aliens, etc. Some examples include 2012, I am Legend, Walking Dead, Terminator, Judgment day, etc. Does this kind of media have a good or bad influence on us? People need to focus more on preparing for real-life disasters, rather than try to live in a fantasy world. This includes tsunamis, earthquakes, economic depressions, and any other form of disaster that will force you to survive.

Apocalyptic movies have affected us both in a good way and a bad way. People always say that the apocalypse is near and come up with a ridiculous date that the world is going to end.

Do you know what has happened on those days that were predicted? Absolutely nothing. When their theories are proven wrong, they try to convince people with their theories again once another person predicts another day that the world is going to end. There is an article called, 5 people who will be disappointed the world didn't end today, by Luis Prada. There was a man in the article that had apparently built a $14,000 ark to protect him and his family during the apocalypse. All the kids probably laughed at him on December 22, 2012. There was another lady who was completely ridiculous. This woman's name is Nancy Lieder and she is crazy. In 1995, she had introduced the "Planet X Theory." The theory was that a planet was going to sneak up on us and hit Earth, destroying life on Earth. She predicted the world would end in...