"Martha isn't guilty"

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"Martha isn't guilty"

Just hours ago Martha Stewart was delivered with an unsatisfactory finding of guilty. Is she guilty? This was such a subjective trial, and media frenzy. The fact that she refused to testify on her own behalf hurt the outcome of her fate. She was protected by her constitutional rights; however, the jury always wants to her what you have to say. Martha probably did what all small, large and in the middle investors do, "dump stock". I actually think Martha is a super squared away business woman, and someone had it out for her. If we could count everyday how much "dumping" and "spinning" really goes on, it would be a phenomenal number. This type of inside trading goes on everyday, all day in that business setting. I think Martha was unjustifiably targeted, and prosecuted. I have no doubt that something illegal was done wrong, and for that something should be done.

I am not saying Martha should go to federal prison for 20 years, and pay one million dollars in fines. This woman will learn her lesson if she is fined heavily, and forbidden from investing in publicly traded stocks. I believe she owned over two hundred thousand publicly traded stocks, and that's what she sold. Stockholders with such a large number of shares are given extra privileged information.

The pure simple fact is the woman shouldn't go to jail for being a good businesswoman, and making a huge fortune doing something like decorating a house. She has proven to be a household name, and will always be remembered for "dumping" some stock, to save a few hundred thousand. There are much more violent crimes being committed right now. Martha shouldn't go to jail for this type of crime. If she is given a stiff fine,