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Martin Luther became an outstanding religious figure in the early 16th century. Born in 1483, Luther was the son of an extremely successful Thuringian miner. While growing up with a successful father, Luther decided to continue his education and he earned his doctorate in theology from the University of Wittenberg in 1507.

Luther out for pursuit began a journey that would later become the beginnings of Reformation in Europe. Luther had shown many concerns for his disappearing support for the Catholic Church. He felt that the moral state of the church was diminishing. Martin voices his concern in at letter that he had written to George Spalatin in 1516. Martin expresses to George to have faith in God and learn to trust in him by saying ?Thou, Lord Jesus, art my righteousness, but I am thy sin; thou has taken on thyself what thou was not, and hast given to me what I was not? (Luther 571).

Through this short letter, Luther had shown his weakness of the Church and through crooked opposition and practice to the doctrine of justification, he felt as though he needed to be more in touch with the church and to get others to be the same. This had set Luther off to a search for Reformation, reformation of the Catholic Church all over Europe.

The uttermost important concern of Martin Luther and his reformation was indulgence, which is in ?Roman Catholic practice, the full or partial remission before God of temporal punishment for sins that have been forgiven? (Encarta). Indulgences are granted only for specific services to the church but Luther was not happy about these because they were being sold at a discounted price to increase the market. Luther truly thought that believers in Jesus Christ would be saved from their sins...