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During the early 16th century a man named Martin Luther started turning many heads with his new ideas and interpretations of the bible. Through his works he found that the Catholic Church was taking advantage of the people and were not following the bible as it was meant to be followed. Because of some of the things that he was reporting he received a summons to which he had to start thinking about the implications of his work. Some of his works included his 95 theses and others also included indulgences, the Leipzig disputation of 1519 and seven sacraments. Martin Luther gained a big group of followers that called themselves Lutherans. Luther, through his idea and followers began to break apart the Catholic Church into two reformations, the Catholic reformation and the Protestant reformation. The Protestant reformation wanted a change in things such as the Eucharist and indulgences. The Catholic reformation was trying to improve religious life and worship.

Martin Luther, along with his views, ideas, and followers, helped influence the Catholic and Protestant reformation.

Martin Luther grew up in a poor family. His father was a miner who worked very hard for their money and food. Although his family consisted of peasants, his entire family tree did not contain only peasants. His mother's side of the family was well-established, with well-educated citizens. From this side of the family sprang lawyers, doctors, teacher, and many other respected jobs. When Martin Luther started to get a higher education in 1501 he attended the University of Erfurt with the intent of becoming a lawyer. This was considered unheard of, because as he would say it, he was a pure breed peasant, even though this was not true for his mother's side. After Martin Luther's graduation from the University of Erfurt he...