Martin Luther King

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Martin Luther King Jr. was an amazing, forgotten figure that made a lot of changes or at least put the civil rights movement in motion. He did the unthinkable and incredible, he challenged the government, but in a nonviolent way. King's dream isn't fully fulfilled but is fulfilled to an extent.

Some aspects of Martin Luther King's dream has been fulfilled today. For the most part discrimination today has been diminished. Today discrimination is lessened in the workplace. Nowadays employees are being hired without color being an issue. Similarly, any person of any color can attend any school according to their knowledge rather than their skin color. Family wise, almost every race is assimilated. Marriage today is diversified. In King's speech he "˜dreamt' that white boys and girls would play with African American boys and girls. Presently, kids play together without the consideration of race due to the education of unification.

In addition, most neighborhoods today are diversified instead of being segregated. Today Martin Luther King's dream has been virtually been fulfilled to an extent.

However it is not proper to say that Martin Luther King's dream has been fully fulfilled. Discrimination isn't yet completely gone. In the workplace white men/women generally get paid more than any average African American employees in the same positions. Even though King's dream has spread, people still hold racist views in the South. Groups like the Ku Klux Klan still exist today. A new issue that has been brought into perspective is racial profiling. Even worse police brutality sadly still exists.

In summation, the "˜dream' isn't fully spread, but it is on its way. It has affected many people yet its not finished. Sometime in the future, history shows, the "˜dream' will one day be fulfilled.