Martin Luther King and Non Violent Acts

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Martin Luther king Jr. fought passionately for the freedom and justice. He fought for the freedom that brought unity and equality upon us all. He was the one to envision a world of justice and peace and freedom. He was the one to have a dream and to follow what he had in his heart. He had a different approach on things and the way of handling things. He believed that violence was both impractical and immoral. Dr. King was able to lead our nation to greater heights and through love and peace with one another. He was seeking for the right way, the way to replace war, economic injustice, and racism with non violence, peace and justice.

Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both immoral and impractical. It destroys communities and makes unity impossible for all man kind. Dr. King believed in non violent acts and he stood up in what he believed.

He suffered many of the consequences but he wasn't going to give up easily and he wouldn't give up on his people. He was a leader, a true leader.

Martin Luther King's philosophy and methods of non violence is the most powerful tool we have for social change today. Non violence was his way of life. Non violence is not only a method of social change but a positive way of life that affects our personal relationships, what we do in our homes, communities and political life. It is an attitude that is reflected even in the choice of words that we use and the way that we think. We are now challenged to experiment with applying his ways in our daily lives, especially in resolving the conflicts that we encounter.

Dr. King taught that nonviolence is a powerful tool for personal...