Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

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Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, being men of great figurative speech, had similar levels of integrity on segregation, voting ability, equal opportunity, opposition of violence, but differed in the involvement on sit-ins demonstration. They changed segregation laws, in a way that will be suitable for African Americans.

In Malcolm X's "Ballot or the Bullet," he spoke about how segregation laws could be stopped and how they could help stop it. Fore instance, he said things like if the blacks go ahead and do whatever they feel is right and is equal to what the whites are doing, there would be so many problems but sooner or later could be resolved if they kept on doing things like that, but at the same time making sure they don't break any of the laws.

Sit-ins were also one of the methods he used in stopping segregation.

Sit-ins at the time, were a situation whereby the whites owned the sits on the buses, and the last few sits at the back of these buses were where the blacks were seated. Also if there were no sits to be no seats remaining on the bus for the white folk to seat then, the black person will have to give his or her seat, and if that black person did not give-up the seat for the white person, then there could be a fight on the bus and that black person would have to evacuate the bus. On this case Malcolm said that the blacks should keep doing it and even try sitting anywhere in the bus and would be a day that the will not be pursued from the of the bus for such an action.

He also wanted the blacks to have equal voting opportunities the whites...