Martin Luther King Jr. ---> How did he create Positive Synergy Through Diversity?

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"Building Positive Synergy Through Ethnic Diversity"

* .. * = terms suppose to be in italics

*Crown thy good with brotherhood.* Brotherhood? What does that mean? "A fellowship; a alliance," Mr. Merriam-Webster said. America is the land of opportunity, America is the land of freedom. Each individual has the potential to fulfill these dreams, but are we given the ability to do so in this great melting pot of democracy? Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the world's greatest civil right's activist of all time, once said, "We must combine the toughness of the serpent and the softness of the dove, a tough mind and a tender heart." Have we forgotten his momentous words and heeded in the wrong direction? How can we grow from our steps taken aback and build positive synergy through ethnic diversity?

*We, the people, who share the patriot dream and travel from California to New York Island*, must put aside our egos, make decisions in the interest of others, realizing this world, our world, this country, our country, does not revolve around us alone and we must collaborate with others of a different faith.

Can the Muslim and the Jew break bread at the same table and work together to achieve the same desire in harmony and prosperity.

*We, the people, of purple mountain majesties from sea to shining sea,* must educate those ignorant of synergetic bliss by breaking down stereotypes and looking at the finest aspects of each culture without comparison. This will be the day when the all-American cheerleader and the Hindustani exchange-student find common ground becoming lab partners in Chemistry 101 sharing the endeavor fifty-fifty.

*We, the people, who look to Old Glory of whom stands before spacious skies and amber waves of grain,* must rise above fear...