Martin Luther King Jr. as a Man of Courage.

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For the past three centuries the black population of America had been discriminated and prosecuted against by the white community. Centuries of fighting this discrimination have allowed great leaders among the black community to emerge. One such leader is Martin Luther King Jr., an inspiring and symbolic figure for civil right movements around the world. His leadership and determination in his campaigns against racial discrimination and his campaign to help the deprived people of the United States show that King is a courageous and skillful leader.

Throughout his lifetime Martin Luther King Jr. staged many movements to gain rights for the black community of America. One of these campaigns was the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The boycott started when a black women, Rosa Parks, was arrested for violating a segregated ordinance on a public bus in Montgomery (Byers 20). In response to this arrest black citizens were outraged and many civil rights groups mobilized to organize retaliation against the city.

The black groups planned a city transportation boycott, which in the long run proved successful. Although the white officials resisted the group's demands they eventually succumbed to federal court decisions. King emerged as one of the key and primary leaders for the boycott showing his intelligence and leadership in organizing such a successful event. During the whole length of the boycott he was, "arrested slandered, received hate mail and phone threats, and his house was bombed" (LaBlanc 131) and through all this he still maintained his policy of nonviolence. This commitment truly shows that Martin Luther King was an exceptionally brave man.

After his success at Montgomery, King formed the group now known as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference or SCLC. King was elected president and soon embarked on his next quest to help communities organize their own protest against...