Marty and Chris: Muslims and Christians

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This play has been written as an imaginary conversation between a devout Muslim who was raised Christian, and a Christian who is very strong in his faith but very curious about the Islamic faith. The two people involved are named Marty and Chris. Marty being the devout Muslim, and Chris being the Christian.

Chris is sitting at his computer one day, and began to think about how he has grown up only knowing the Christian faith, and finally decides it is time to engage in conversation with someone of the one faith he has always been intrigued by, Islam. Chris decides to go down to the lounge area of his public university and wait for the Islam group to let out, in hopes he may find someone willing to engage in conversation with him about the two faiths. Chris waits for the group to let out and approaches a tall skinny fellow who resembles and reminds Chris of himself.

The two exchange pleasantries….

C: Hey man, you have a chance to talk? I am a Christian who has always been fascinated by the Islamic faith and would love to sit and talk to you about our two faiths.

M: Hey, my name is Marty, and yes I would love to. However, if we are going to sit and have this talk you must know if you want my take and the Islamic faith on everything we may be here forever! So, let's do this. Let's get a coffee on campus and we can talk for a little while, and I'll give you some of the things I think you should hear first. If you like the conversation, perhaps you can go out and learn more on your own.

C: Sounds like a plan!

The two walk to the campus...