Marx and Weber

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Two great socialogists Karl Marx Max Weber had different view about
stratification in the society.Weber's point of view has some differences and simmilarities to Marx's.

Marx arques that any human society devided into of two combination of people or two
classes that constantly oppose each. One class tend to be take dominant position over the
other class. Marx said that these two classes have different relation to the industry that
rule economy of society or to the "forces of production". Two opposite classes are
"proletariat" and "burguassy".According to Marx, dominant class,burguassy, constantly
exploit proletariat and create constant conflict or "class struggle" between them .He writes: "Freeman and slave,patrician and plebeian,lord and serf,guild master and journey-man,in a word,oppressor and oppressed,stood in constant opposition to one another,carried on
uninterrupted,now hidden,now open fight,a fight that each time ended,either in a revolutionary
reconstitution of society at large,or in the common ruin of the contending classes" According to Marx dominant class control political and religious system of the society.

Marx arques
that dominant class always put pressure on political and relegion system or "superstructures" of
the society to favor them. Marx gives examples that in capitalist system there are laws that favor capitalists or burguassy and make privet ownership legal.On other hand, in communists society there are laws that prohibit private ownership because dominant class are not burguassy. In my daily life I can see a lot of examples of "proletariat" and "burguassy" classes. For example Bill Geits,CEO of Microsoft Corporation, is included in burguassy class because he owns the company and he gets profit but not necessarily work for it. People who work for the Microsoft are "proletariat" . They do not own software that they created and they are paid a salary for their work. According to Marx, I am...