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This picture shows a huge sofa with two men standing and touching it with great admiration. For me this big Sofa symbolize the Bourgeoisie class and the Bourgeois ideology, this interpretation is due to the sofa size and to the wide area that it occupies, just like the Bourgeoisie who are the property owning class who controls the mode of production; in other words they took control of international and domestic trade and they occupy a high position in the social hierarchy.

Showing such big product will create a state of consumer culture that most people would think that owning such huge sofa would supply them with power, provide them a higher social position and they believe that with their growing economic power, they as "class" will began to gain some political power. This is one of the hidden ideologies which is portrayal through the picture, this ideology called "false - consciousness" in which people can't separate themselves from the influence of politics, culture, family, advertisement..Etc...And

this "false - conscious will create mental block for most people, so they will follow the current easily.

The presence of alienation in this picture is apparent, the workers who made it are alienated from this huge sofa that they made; Moreover the person who will buy this big sofa would be alienated from his small coffee table comparing to the sofa size and he would sense things differently and upon things from the a above.

New historicist said that to understand history, one must understand the people and their ideas through culture production . Marx says the opposite that people's ideas stem from their necessities. To understand humanity must understand the economic state. He said to understand any society must look at who owns the means of production and who does the...