Marxist framework applied to theories of media and culture today

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Can a Marxist framework still contribute to theories of media and culture today?

There are instances in the world and in media today where you can apply both Marxism as well as the ideas behind the British Cultural Studies. With Marxism it is easy to see that his idea that economic power is the root of all power is essentially true. People with the money are essentially able to send any message they want to an audience and control almost every type of media we are surrounded by. But this does not give any credit to the audience and almost assumes they are going to take what they read or hear as truth. This is where the British Cultural Studies comes in; it makes a very valid point that there is interaction between the audience and the media and the audience has the ability to think critically, this can definitely be applied to the world today.

I think it is true that the there is interaction between the audience and the mass media, although the suggestion in the Cultural Studies that the audience can demand change is a little misleading. There are obviously instances and situations where the audience can make a change but it usually takes a lot of individuals and the backing guessed it...someone with money. I do not think that some members of the audience can make a difference alone. They would need the backing of someone who supports them that can cause economic damage if there demands are not taken seriously. Examples and situations like that are why I feel you can not look at a topic under just Marxism or just the Cultural Studies but you need to use a combination of the two. Although there are instances where you can look at a...