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Marxist Analysis: Pretty Women through the lens of Marxism

Marxist Analysis: Pretty women Through the Lens of Marxism

Media is like a magnet that attracts or influences its viewers in everyway, whether it's positive or negative. Today, media is everywhere, in advertisements, commercials, movies, etc., all of which has a message that wants to be portrayed. The society is affected by it very much especially when looked at the group of audiences it targets, young teenagers and children. For example, Barbie dolls and its movies have the same concept of this unrealistic body proportion and superficiality. With all of its endless clothing, shoes and everything a girl can ever imagine. It can be said that Barbie's are a global brand and it symbolizes consumer capitalism. Meaning an ideal woman is considered "flawless" and having everything a "girl needs".

When looked into this through the lens of Marxism, it can be said that capitalism limits choices and forces its society to pick one or the other to "fit in" to something that doesn't fit the form of reality.

Pretty Women a movie made in 1990's, talks about a man, Edward Lewis, who is a businessman that makes good money and lives life. On the other side there is a woman, Vivian Ward who lives in a society where she has to use herself to make money (prostitution). These two ends meet when Edward hires Vivian to be his escort for business and social gatherings. Which, eventually their relationship develops over the course of Vivian on this offer. Examining this movie in the terms of Marxism, it is all about the money and class in modern America. Looking into the branches of Marxism, in this movie we see...