Mary J - A Short Poem about Marijuana

Essay by spoonman419 June 2004

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Sometimes the amount of joy and elation

is overshadowed by procrastination.

Nothing is done. nothing is right.

Owell, as long as I'm high tonight.

When I'm with Mary J, all appears well,

Though I seem to lose my will to excel.

However gifted with such wit and incite,

I feel burdened by your ruthless contrite.

Some feel as though they must persecute me,

Mindlessly following thier passive decree.

So you may choose, if you wish, not to appease,

For I do with my body as I damn well please.

It's not that I care not for your opinion,

But that I'd rather be my own dominion.

Believe it or not, I can think for myself.

And I refuse to be the government's elf.

Working for money and democracy

Sacrificing my mind to be lazy.

Yes, I think for myself and quite frequently.

Even if it means my own delinquency.