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Masculinity in Popular Culture:

Write an extended expository essay in answer to the following:

What aspects of masculinity are valued and what aspects are marginalised in modern popular texts? Refer to in DETAIL to at least TWO texts of your own choosing to support your ideas. These texts should be ones that you have not written about in your feature articles. Your response should also reflect your wide reading, viewing and research.

Word length: min 800 words

Due: First class, Term Three

You will be marked on your ability to:

Show an understanding of how values are developed or perpetuated through texts

Reveal a synthesised and well-informed response

Analyse texts purpose, language and construction

Write effectively in essay form


There are very certain and distinct adjectives that have been labelled to masculinity for so long that they have been engrained into today's popular culture. It is a matter of nurture opposed to nature where kids are being brought up to fit their gender stereotype roles of being men and being masculine.

This cyclical pattern continues throughout all ages of society and is communicated through different texts, people and society as a whole. Particular aspects of masculinity are valued in modern popular texts, displaying the ideas found in modern popular culture, whilst others are marginalised.

The notion of aspects associated with masculinity which are valued have been engrained into society's thinking ever since the beginning of time, recorded in literary works. It is identified as the hegemonic type, first seen in cavemen and then Greeks (through warriors such as hoplites). This has perpetuated through time to this very day where figurines such as Greek hoplite warriors are now been given to our kids reinforcing the notion that boys where blue and girls where pink; that boys must conform to...