Maslow's Heirarchy

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Maslow's Hierarchy

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I won a lottery and was guaranteed one million dollars a year for the next thirty years of my life. Sounds very overwhelmingly terrific, but would it really cover all my needs? According to "Maslow's Hierarchy," there are certain components of what you need that contribute satisfying an individual. Starting from the last component, there is the physiological need, need for safety and security, need for love and belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization. So, back to main question… would one million dollars a year for the next thirty years of my life really cover all my needs? Lets go through this step by step. Physiologically, I would be healthy, because I would be able to afford certain medications/surgeries (when necessary). But a bad point of having a lot of money physiologically would be that with overwhelming amounts of money, I would become lazy, and I would not be physically active as much because I would just lie around and do nothing.

Therefore, there is a pro and a con for this particular need component. Safety wise, I would be wealthy enough to afford the most high tech home security system with personal guards, but again on the other hand, leaving the house to do some personal shopping would always be a risk, since there will be people that are jealous and/or money hungry, that would want to hurt me in some way to steal my money and riches somehow. Depending on where I decide to live with all that money (location), I might not be able to feel loved or belonging to somewhere if I am isolated and no where near my people that care for me. But, If I do live near people that care...