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Third hour Date I chose to write about Dustin Scripture. Dustin is about five feet tall with blond short hair. Dustin is cool, smart, funny, sharing. Dustin is a wrestler who weighs 103 pounds. Dustin always has a smirk on his face. He is kind of cocky for his size.

Dustin has cool friends, because I'm his friend. Sometimes we make fun of his size, but we are still his friends. Dustin tries hard in all of his classes even though he sometimes fools around, but not much. He gets straight A's. He makes us laugh a lot. One time in wrestling he beat up Eric Nigbor and said," Happy birthday, Nigs" even though it wasn't his birthday. Nigs said," What birthday? " Well I guess you had to be there.

Everybody is his friend. His friends stick up for him. People sometimes think he's too small to wrestle, but he has been wrestling for a long time now and he knows a lot.

He looks younger than he is. Dustin does his homework and studies hard. On most of his report cards he gets straight A's. He's just small and kind of weird-looking, so when he tells you jokes it's funny just the way he says it. In study hall and at wrestling meets he shares his food and candy.

I wrote about Dustin because he's my friend and we're in wrestling together. Dustin seemed like the right person to write this on. Even though he is mistaken for a little kid I still hang around him.