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He is staff writer for Stack Magazine his job consists of writing articles for specific area's of lifting, running, flexibility, and speed kills. He calls strength coaches to ask those questions about certain topics he needs to cover for the current issue, then picks topic and ask how to get stronger, faster, or more flexible. Scott also will speak to strength coaches who are big time trainers for the top college teams in the Nation, teams such as Ohio State, Penn State, Illinois, and other Big Ten schools.

When he goes to meet an actual trainer for an interview he will ask questions about the topic that is needed, for instance he wants to know about how to improve your vertical jump. The Trainer (interviewee) what is best suited for the athlete to do, how to do it, tips for safety as well. There are times when the Trainers have Athletes available on the spot to demonstrate what he (trainer) is talking about while showing Scott what he is talking about.

This is good for any type of Mass Media person as they are getting a real visual of what is happening for that exercise so he can write up about the topic easier.

The expectations of being a staff writer can be some what easy, but as Scott said "we don't have too many requirements to meet" along with saying "and that things are pretty low key in terms of expectations" shows that there isn't a lot needed to be done in this field. That isn't to say there is no work done here though, as a staff write Scott has two weeks to meet any type of deadline that is issued to him. The main thing he needs to worry about is getting things done on time for...