What is Mass Customisation? How the Industrial Revolution and Mass Production influenced Mass Customisation and future possibilities of Mass Customisation in business.

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1. Introduction

It is incontestable that everyone has his unique character; therefore, the consumption market is required to involve some personalized products. As a result, Mass Customisation appears which can satisfy the different customers' demand of products or services and make a price close to that for an ordinary mass produced alternative. Nowadays, Mass Customisation is widely applied in different manufacturing industries. Dell Computer, for instance, uses the BTO systems, which manufactures goods only when there is an order from a customer. This report will not only analyze how the Industrial Revolution and Mass Production created the conditions for Mass Customisation, including the definition of Mass Customisation, but also show the future possibilities of Mass Customisation in business.

2. Definition of Mass Customisation

There are four types definition of Mass Customisation. Collaborative Customization is an appropriate approach for corporation to identify what kind of product or service the consumer really wants to get and the price is not very high.

Then Adaptive Customization is a flexible method which definition is meeting the demand of consumer at or after the time of purchase and the price is near the ordinary ones. Cosmetic Customization can be defined as customer is able to make the product or service personality that the price is still close to the Mass Production ones. Finally, Transparent Customization means appeasing consumers' request without direct interaction and then send the offerings within a standard parcel at a common price. It is certain that Mass Customisation can be applied in dissimilar approach, but they all satisfy the consumers' personal requests and have a price which is similar to the standard mass produced alternative. (Cited from Concepts@MadeForOne.com, 2005)

3. Conditions Industrial Revolution and Mass Production created for Mass Customisation

3.1 Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution happened in the...