Mass Media.

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This essay just outlines the impact that television and newspapers have on our modern world. The main paragraphs are actually answers to quite detailed questions.

Mass Media

The main purpose of televisions today is to advertise and inform people what is going on in the world around them - the news, commercials, and sports. Aside from that, television is also used for entertainment purposes - watching movies, entertainment shows, children's shows, and documentaries about our world. Newspapers on the other hand, are solely mass-produced to advertise the news, different forms of business advertisements (business types, job applications, trading statistics, and car/house advertisements), sporting events, and some points of interest.

Newspapers have a very long, hard, and time consuming history:

In the distant past, people have needed to tell others, which might have been out of vocal reach, about the news, events, and any kind of messages. Another very important need was to store important information and facts (economical facts, events, and mathematical figures) somehow, so they could be reviewed, accessed, or changed easily, and at any time.

During the years, people have found many different ways of doing so. One of the simple ways to record information, or to pass it on to other people, was to engrave them in stone or clay tablets, or even the walls of buildings (such as the Egyptian hieroglyphics). This went on for about 2000 years, until the middle of the 5th century AD, when paper was invented, and people could write very quickly with ink, instead of chisels and other hand tools. This sped up the process of writing and storing various information and simplified the methods of transporting the messages to other people (stone and clay tablets were very big and heavy as apposed to paper).

Less than 1000 years later,