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Mass media refers to media which is designed to be consumed by large audiences. This is done through the vehicles of television, newspapers, magazines, internet and radio. Each different media type has its own benefits, strengths and particular target audience.

To sustain and boost their audience base each media source needs to appeal to their specific audience. The term "mass media" is mainly used by media-professionals. When members of the general public refer to "the media" they are usually referring to the mass media as a whole.

The focus of this comparison task is on how different styles of newspapers deal with the same issue. Most newspapers and television reports tend to exaggerate the truth just for mass media however, the target audience will often influence the particular slant that the particular journalist and hence the article takes. For example one article might be sympathetic and discreet when describing a victim of crime whereas another article from a rival news paper might sensationalize the event and work towards discrediting the victim.

This essay covers the mysterious death of Anna Nicole Smith in which she was found dead in mysterious circumstances. On the weekend of February 10th I found one article on the third page of the 'Weekend Australian' and I found the other 2 Articles on the ninth and tenth page of the 'Advertiser'. This implies to me that her death was a more interesting topic to the 'Advertiser' but on the other hand it's a local paper and therefore would have less articles to print than a national paper such as the 'Weekend Australian'.

Smith's career took off after she entered her photos in a search contest. She was chosen by Hugh Hefner to appear on the cover of the March 1992 issue of Playboy wearing a low-cut evening...