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In an attempt to expand the company further, Horlicks - a popular Health drink brand, owned by GlaxoSmithKlien company - launched the Horlicks biscuits in 1992. Extending the benefits of Horlicks to 'solid' nourishment, Horlicks Biscuits were expected to be favorites amongst parents and children for the reasons of great taste with added benefit of calcium nourishment. The product came in two flavors- standard and elichi. The nutrition content of one pack of Horlicks biscuits is equal to that of two glasses of milk.

Price of the product: 100 gm Pouch - Rs. 10

200 gm Pouch - Rs. 22

300 gm Pouch - Rs. 28

When launched its availability was restricted to posh urban markets only. Promotion for Horlicks biscuits has never been aggressive. With lack of proper advertising and distribution, it was easily taken over by other brands of the same category like Parle-G, 20-20, Sunfeast, etc.

inspite of having better nutritional value. Also variants like Junior Horlicks Biscuits for Kids and many others launched; this still didn't add much to the market share of the company. While competing in the already overcrowded urban market dominated by Parle-G and others, the company failed to consider the option of targeting the rural markets to increase its market share. Now with dwindling sales in the urban market too, the product needs a major overhaul if it hopes to survive and thrive in the highly competitive FMCG sector.

Ideas to target the BOP for increased market share

Product Change with regards to nutrition content

Since eating a packet of Horlicks biscuits has been advertised as a substitute for two glasses of milk by the company, the company could further upgrade its biscuits by not only including calcium but also adding other vital nutrients such as vitamins, iron, proteins, digestive fibers,