Matched by alley Coodie

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Title: Matched

Author: Ally Condie

Setting: In the future

Genre: Sci-Fi

Biographical Essay

The person I chose to write about is Cassia Maria Reyes. Cassia is seventeen years old. She has green eyes and brown hair. Her brother`s name is Bram. Her best friends are Em and Xander. She lives in the Society with her brother, mother, and dad. Her family is sorters.

Summary Part 1

Today is Cassia`s birthday as well as the day she will be Matched with her life long husband. In Cassia`s world the Officials decide everything for you. Who you marry, how many kids you will have, when you will die, what you will wear, and where you work. And today is the day they will pick who she loves. When she arrives to get matched she gets matched with her best friend, Xander. This is very rare because he lives on the same block as her, people usually get matched with someone they don`t know.

After she is matched she gets a micro card about Xander, her match. It tells you everything about the person, what they like to do, and what they don`t like, personal stuff. Everyone who gets matched gets one. So Cassia wants to view Xander`s micro card so she puts it into the port. She sees his face on the screen but then it changes she sees someone else's face and its Ky's face someone that she also knows.

Summary Part 2

That same day Cassia is at the game center and an Official says she needs to talk with her. She tells Cassia that someone made a mistake with her micro card and she should not worry because Xander is still her match. The Official also gave Cassia a new micro card with Xander on...