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"My biggest regret is..." We have all, at one time or another, heard and even uttered these words as we reflect upon our lives thus far. While everyone has things in their lives that they would like to go back and change, we are often aware of the fact that this is not possible. Let me tell you about a young woman I know. Jenny had remained a virgin and had not dated at all until her senior year at Newport High School when she met Brad, the most incredible guy who, to her, was a dream come true. After a few months of steady dating, she finally gave in to Brad's appeal for sex. It was her first time, yet she became pregnant. Upon informing him of this fact, Jenny was promptly and left alone to deal with the consequences of her actions. Deciding to carry the pregnancy to term, she was allowed by her parents to move back into their house while they helped to support her financially.

In addition, they took care of her beautiful baby girl, Jordan, while Jenny finished school and became a registered nurse. This young woman's decision to engage in premarital sex affected not only her life but the life of her family as well. The pregnancy resulting from her act caused her boyfriend to break up with her, and it also cost her parents, who were kind enough to help her through that difficult time, thousands of dollars. Jenny is now a single woman of twenty-five who would like to marry, but from this point on, there is one more thing that any man she dates will have to consider: they not only have to date her, but her daughter as well. This scenario happens over and over in our society today,