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When I graduate highschool I want to go to college for four years and go through ROTC. Then after ROTC I will be able to join the USAF as an officer. Being a fighter pilot requires you to use math because you must be able to figure out the vector of a target which is the the degree and altitude in comparison to your plane. You would also have to know how Bernouli's Principle works that air flows faster over the top of the wing and moves slower under the wing and how this is used to keep the plane in flight.

Another way math is used in flying is navigation. Navigation is the way you find yourself on the radar and your relation to the sun. If you do not now how to navigate your plane you will not be able to find you target or find the runway after takeoff.

You must be able to land by numbers told to you by the control tower. The main reason why you need to know math to be a fighter pilot is because you won't be able to pass flight school or the written exams not knowing math.