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My math story, which I could say started about when I Was very young, is an interesting one. In the third grade, my numerical story begins. I have a lot to say about that.

Well, in the third grade I was very good at numbers or solving math problems. We would do this paper of problems that started out with adding and subtracting, and than move on to multiplication and dividing. When you finished with one problem on the page, you would color it in; and when it was done, it would be a snail. We would put it on the wall. I would be close to last all the time for some reason, in the next couple of weeks I started getting on the wall. The out in the middle of the class, and sooner or later, the front. I guess I started to understand what to do and just did it.

My math story is an interesting one. I went from last to average to the front (or head) of the class. All it took was some motivation some patience, and a lot of hard work and I went from worst to first.