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Math Success Plan Response Writing a math success plan was a great idea. I followed my success plan throughout this semester not only for this class, but for other classes as well. I paid close attention to class lectures. I took effective notes; that later helped me prepare for tests and quizzes. Doing most of my homework assignments was an essential study guide. Before a test I studied, I studied the most difficult material first. If I was confused or had any questions, I did not hesitate to ask for help. I formed various study groups to make learning more enjoyable. During a test I tried to stay relaxed. I was aware of the time available to take the test and I used it all. I read all of the directions carefully, left the harder problems for last, and checked all of my problems. This class has made me realize the importance of showing all of my work in a test.

I got partial credit for careless mistakes that resulted in a great advantage towards my final grade. After the test was graded, I corrected all wrong answers and asked questions. I took advantage of any extra credit available to help out my final semester grade. I believe that In order to be successful in college, one must create and follow a success plan.