The Matrix and Unbreakable Compare/Contrast Essay (ISU #3 - ENG3U)

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This essay will be based on comparable or contrasting themes between the films you have studied. Arguments are to be supported by quotations and cited properly using MLA format.

There are many movies that are comparable in their themes. Two of those movies are The Matrix and Unbreakable; both blockbusters. The Matrix is about a hacker and how he finds the truth about the world and himself after stumbling upon the oddities and irregularities of the strange world he lives in. [2] Unbreakable is about a security guard and how he finds the truth about the world and himself after being the lone survivor of a horrific train crash. [1] Evidently the plots are parallel. Not only are the plots alike but so are the protagonists and their attitudes towards life. Moreover, the element of the battle against good and evil is apparent. Both movies indeed are similar.

The films performed well at the box office.

Unbreakable earned a third of its total revenue from its first weekend and a global total of almost two hundred and fifty million dollars. [5] That's just over three times its budget of seventy-five million dollars. [5] Likewise, The Matrix made a worldwide total of over four hundred and fifty million dollars in its lifetime. [6] That's almost eight times its budget of sixty-three million dollars. [6] The foreign revenue gained from both movies were approximately in the same percentile. [5+6] Although numbers tell movie-goers about a movie's popularity, they hardly scratch the surface of the plot and its very many intricacies.

Unbreakable is in a few ways reminiscent of the Matrix with an easier-to-grasp idea. It is similar because David Dunn discovers his potential through Elijah Price, comparable to how Neo did through Morpheus. It creates the possibility that an abnormal man living...