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The MatrixThe Matrix is a very well organized motion picture. There are many different scenes that symbolize various types of conclusions about society. Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, as well as many other characters have different meanings to them. In order to see all of the symbolic references in The Matrix it needs to be viewed numerous times otherwise it?s not hard to miss half of them. The Matrix illustrates that modern day life can be depicted and is not as complex as it could be.

The characters in The Matrix were part of a symbolizing system; each character held their own meaning to what they represented in the story. Morpheus signifies Neo?s guide. He found Neo, showed him ?the door? and then helped mold Neo into his potential; the potential to be ?the one,? the savior of all mankind. Morpheus plays the same type of role that Yoda plays in Star Wars or, that Splinter plays in The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a guide.

Even though Morpheous guided Neo through out his decent to being ?the one,? he could only show Neo his choices; it was up to Neo to decide one way or the other. Which is exactly what Morpheous tells Neo; ?I can only show you the door, you must walk through it.? He could not make Neo follow yet rather show him the path. Tank is also involved in guiding Neo. He taught or programmed, various skills to Neo using computer programs. Morpheous and Tank are used as Neo?s guide through out The Matrix.

Other characters played other roles. For example Trinity and Neo played the Snow White theme. This is shown at the end when the agent kills Neo but he is then revived when Trinity kisses him. When Mouse Sacrifices himself to save...