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Nothing is what it seems and everything is a program.

The trilogy continues, Matrix Reloaded follows the same plot as its predecessor, continuing the journey of the savior, Neo, played by Keanu Reeves. The flashy effects, surreal fight scenes, which started its own action-movie trend, come to a new climax in this Matrix sequel. Staying true to its messiah plot, it manages to confuse the audience and draw their attention away from hidden meanings by dazzling the eye.

Like other trilogies, part 2 of 3 leaves many questions unanswered; the cliffhangers and thus enticers to see the next movie are the explanations to these questions. Also similar to other second installments, the movie is somewhat dark. The future seems to rely heavily on one character, and the hope that he will save the humans. At the same time the movie brings to question whether there is a "one", thus questioning belief.

The effects of the movie are still where the main attraction lies. The first Matrix impressed its audiences with techniques not often found in American cinema, the second Matrix lives up to the first, also delivering some original special effects. Once again there are fight scenes similar to those in the first movie, however by limiting the bullets flying between Neo and his attackers, it adds an element of style to the characters moves, making it more enjoyable for the viewer. The movie also sets out to explain the super natural, and adds various new characters to the attackers, most notably what appear to be albino twins, that have ghost-like properties. Although ghost are far from a new idea, they have never been presented in quite this way before, reviving the overdone typically ghost story.

Filmed in Australia and the US, both Matrix 2 and 3 were completed...