Matter Cycles

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We have already seen that while energy does not cycle through an ecosystem, chemicals do. Among the many cycles of matter, the water, nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon are the most important ones! These cycles are composed of atoms and molecules which are constantly moving between living and nonliving systems.

Carbon is a basic building block of all life on Earth because it has the ability to form long chains to which other atoms can attach. So is Nitrogen since is the critical element in production of proteins, nucleic aids, and chlorophyll. Just like the Carbon and the Nitrogen cycles, the phosphorus cycle has its own importance on the life on earth. It is a critical element in binding of nucleic aids, is used in the molecules that fuel cells and it also goes into calcium phosphate for bones, teeth, nails and shells. They are also locked away in the Earth.

And last but not least the water cycle which is very important to fresh water ecosystems.

In order to live the organisms must build special compounds around carbon. Plants are the only ones that can make this possible and in order for them to do this, energy is required! Once the plant receives the energy through the process of photosynthesis then the carbon cycle can be completed, as the plant obtains the energy that was restored by the glucose. Therefore, the carbon cycle needs energy!

Humans perform daily activities such as pollution that harm the different cycles of matter! We should definitely worry about it, and try to make a difference by controlling our activities and being more careful in the future! Pollution, no matter what form it takes, is bad for the cycles therefore we should try to do our best not to be so careless and try...