On Maturing: 1 Corinthians 13:11

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The quote from first Corinthians depicts what mans maturation should be like. It states that when one is a child, he naturally acts like a child. Though, when he comes of age, more is expected of him and he must lay the childish behavior and ignorance aside.

The passage expresses that the act of maturing is in ones own control. It says that he put away the childish things. In order for one to be called mature, he must reason like a man, think like a man, and speak like a man. When one becomes a man, he must set aside the childish behavior of youth, and embrace the responsible behavior of adulthood, though no outside force can make him do it. While outside forces such as parents and schools can give one a nudge in the right direction, it is up to the boy to take the initiative to become a man.

The only person that can make one mature, is the person who is doing the maturing.

Maturing is not easy. The ignorance of youth is a comforting thing to many people, but wanting to go through life ignorant is childish in itself. To see the world through mature and experienced eyes like a 360 degree, panoramic view when compared to the ninety degree line of sight that one experiences in childhood.

One maturing does not make one invincible, but it makes one analyze situations in order to experience the best outcome. A boy maturing into a man is like a flower blooming, open to the world for the first time. While soaking in the suns warm rays, the new blossom is still vulnerable to the forces of the world. Whether it is the light sprinkle of his first love, or a torrential downpour of heartbreak, the...