Maury vs. Dr. Phil: Who does it better?

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The issues of society are often presented to us on television, especially in the genre of talk shows. Two of the most popular hosts are Maury Povich, who presents his topics with the use of entertainment and shock factor and Dr. Phil McGraw, who uses a more therapeutic approach to the same topics. In today's world of digital cable, reality shows, and satellite dishes, watching television has become more than a mere form of entertainment; it is a way of life. No form of this medium is more of a guilty pleasure than talk shows. Talk shows inundate every minute of daytime television mostly with belaboring topics such as, "Who is my baby's daddy: Paternity tests revealed" or "Why can't I find Mr. Right?" Those who watch talk shows on a regular basis know the formats all too well. Every once in a while it is enjoyable to watch these type of shows, but at some point the talk show experience should be one that has something more diverse to offer the viewer and Dr.

Phil does this in an amazing way as opposed to Maury who tends to exploit his guests.

In recent years the Maury Povich Show has become the show to watch if one wanted to know paternity results. This topic is not the only one that Maury covers; however, it is his most popular. He also covers topics ranging from cheating spouses, promiscuous teens in need of boot camp, and the ever trendy "I have a secret" shows. The paternity shows are the paramount of the show though. These episodes play out in one of two ways, the first starts with a mother sitting with her significant other talking to Maury about her precious child. As she sweetly explains how he/she is the apple of...