Max Stirner & Postmodernism

Essay by miabanzon April 2003

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I see many connections between the thoughts of Max Stirner's Egoist and the Protean Man in myself. I see myself as someone who really attaches importance to my personal concerns. I often only think about my own welfare and I always seek out enjoyment in life. I'm always preoccupied exclusively with the gratification of my personal desires. I could also say that I am "user-friendly" because I help others so that they would help me as well, more commonly called "utang na loob" and the fulfillment I get by knowing that I can help and that I am good. Additionally, I'm always changing. I can say that I become a different person each day. I do not know if I am progressing or not but I change because of my experiences. But I do not agree with Stirner on his ideas about the law and the state. I'm usually a conformist because it's the easiest way to have peace and peace is always a good thing for me.

I abide by the rules even if it sometimes does not make sense because it is supposed to keep order. Like now, Bush's decision to wage war against Iraq only opened more conflict. He failed to respect the ideologies of the Iraqi's and so many others that he can even be considered a criminal when he is saying that he is against crime. And people are not always egoists because we lie, we sacrifice not for ourselves but for others. I for example would not go out this weekend because my mom is out of town and my dad needs company. I'm not going out for my dad even if I hate staying at home and I'm not going to get anything in return for doing this.

I also often find...