Maxilmilien Robespierre and his influence on the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution.

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Maxilmilien Robespierre

Looking back at the history of the French Revolution, Maxilmilien Robespierre was definitely one of the most controversial figures. From one aspect, he was very virtuous and devoted to fighting for his people. However, judging from another point of view, Robespierre was a ruthless tyrant who took away the lives of thousands and thousands of people. So is Robespierre really a true dedicator to the Revolution or is he a cruel oppressor of the people?

Many people had once admired Robespierre's honorable ways. At a time when corruption was widespread throughout the French government, Robespierre refused to be affected by bribery or corruption. When he was elected into the deputy, his job involved being exposed to millions of francs each day but he didn't take a single franc that he did not work for. Because of his honesty and trustworthiness, he earned his nickname, "The Incorruptible".

Robespierre was also recognized for his resolute devotion to his beliefs.

Once he put his mind to something, he remains perpetually dedicated. A very significant example of this is how he firmly believed that every man is equal. While other people kept a Bible by their beds, Robespierre is so dedicated to this belief that he kept a copy of The Social Contract by his bedside.

Robespierre was especially acknowledged for his impressive oratory skills. During his lifetime, he made numerous speeches. Because of this great talent of his, he came to be admired by many, especially by the commoners since he supported equal opportunities for the masses. Therefore, when the issue of granting suffrage to all citizens aroused, Robespierre was one of the first to speak in favor of it:

" Do you really think that a hard luxurious and laborious life produces more vices than luxury, ease, and ambition? Have...