Maximising Health in Admission Assessment and Diagnosis of Patients with C.O.P.D.

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Maximising Health in Admission Assessment and Diagnosis of Patients with C.O.P.D.

For this assignment we have been asked to express an understanding of screening, admission assessment and the use of diagnostic tools in relation to our last ward based placement.

During this placement the majority of patients admitted to the ward were Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) sufferers of which there was quite a rapid turnover, this combined with the relatively large size of the ward meant that it was difficult to actually get to know individual patients, their disorders and problems. For this assignment I shall concentrate on a client group. That of patients admitted with COPD. Following the assessment and diagnosis of those patients once they arrived on the ward, as apposed to following the path of an individual.

The majority of the COPD patients arrive at our ward come from the Medical Admissions Unit (M.A.U.) where an initial assessment of their' condition is taken to determine where they should go for the best possible care.

If a diagnosis of COPD is given then the patient is transferred to our ward, where a full assessment by the complete multidisciplinary team is made. On the basis of that assessment, a care plan is constructed to ensure the maximisation of the patient's health.


Assessment is best achieved by taking a careful history, detailing the patients' functional abilities and quality of life. The chest, heart and abdomen should be examined. Chest radiography should be considered especially if the diagnosis is in any doubt or additional features are present that might be due to diseases other than COPD. In some cases additional information from ECG or haematology tests may be helpful, but as a rule these tests are not carried out routinely. It is important that spirometry should be carried out...