Maximizing your goals for learning

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I have many goals for the future that I want to maximize, especially my learning potential. We all have dreams in life that need the proper goals to achieve them. The goals that I am going to talk about are: Choosing collage, and getting in Interior Decorating/Dental Assistant. Before planning ahead for maximizing my potential, there are many questions comes to mind. Some of these questions are: How can I Maximize it? What are the alternatives? And how can I solve any problem that comes in the way?

Sometimes accomplishing certain goals can be derailed by unforeseen occurrences or certain constraints in life, such as, the amount of money, time and support system you have to pursue them. But dreams do not ever go away and as long you can see or imagine that dream, you can always reset new goals to achieve your dreams.

Firstly, I am going to talk about choosing the right collage, after secondary school.

My parents always tell me "Set goals in life that will help you in choosing what you want". This affected me as I grew older and starting to plan ahead for my life. There are two collage choices that I have, and I have to decide which one to go for. The First choice is Fanshawe Collage, and the second choice is Westervelt Collage.

I really like Fanshawe collage, because it is a very big collage that has most of the courses and programs that a student is looking for. The program that I was interested in Fanshawe collage is a three year Diploma. The only problem I have with this collage is because it is a three year diploma, and this is a long time for me, because my goal is to finish my education early in...