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A lot of video games have been created recently, especially in the sports genre. These games have a tendency to focus most of their attention on who the athlete is and the quality of the graphics. There is a great deal of work that must be done in order to create a game that meets customers' expectations. Our research has found that many of the companies that produce these types of games lack in the research and development department. They do not find out what consumers' wants are, leading to low sales because their job is not being done properly. Most video games do not satisfy consumers' needs, leaving the users wanting more, which leads to another purchase.

The game I have created not only includes high quality graphics and professional athletes, it has an array of all different types of professional sports. I have created an all-inclusive sports game including baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer, and football.

The game is called Maximum Sports. Many of the companies that develop games do not do a good job in the research and development part of their job. They seem to exclude an important factor; people are interested in many different types of sports. This game contains most of the current professional sports and an up-to-date roster of the professional athletes. This game can be connected to the internet to play on-line. It also can be connected to the internet at the beginning of each sports season to update the rosters and player stats. This feature enables the user to have the most current players and stats without purchasing a new game. In order to carry out this process we will need a devoted research and development team.

We began our research by hiring an elite research and development team. This team was...