May I help you?

Essay by bhaney77 December 2003

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May I Help You?

"Hi, how may I help you?" A question that almost everybody hears everyday, yet what does it mean; what is the importance of it. Well, some customers might take it simple as a question that an employee is supposed to ask while others might see it as a question from someone who is sincere in finding out what they want or need. On the other hand, the employer sees it as a way to stay in business and a way to increase customer retention. For example, American Airlines, one of many airlines who are competing against each other to stay in Business, but to stay in business, they must have customers; to have customers, they need to be able to provide them with something that will keep them coming back. American Airlines does just that; they provide a number of programs and services to their customers, hoping to satisfy them enough to keeping them coming back for more.

Some of the programs and services they provide include: the AAdvantage program, the Net SAAver program, the Business and Consumer program, special services for children, and they also give more time to reschedule flights.

"The AAdvantage program is American's travel awards program. It was the original travel awards program, established more than 20 years ago, and today is the world's largest program" (AAdvantage Program Overview). Members of this program can earn miles in various ways; they earn miles by purchasing eligible airline tickets, by staying at certain hotels, by renting vehicles at participating car rental agencies, and through some financial and retail partners. With these miles, providing that you have enough, you can "... travel within and between many destinations on American Airlines, American Eagle, American Connection and Hawaiian Airlines..." (AAdvantage Program Overview) for free. They...