Maya and Inca.

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The Maya and Inca were both prominent civilizations which existed in the pre-Columbian period in Meso and South America. Both civilizations had elaborately designed cities and agricultural systems. The Inca in addition had also built a large road system and terracing system to maintain their population while the Maya are also known for their well developed writing system. Both civilizations also developed highly accurate calendars to aid in their yearly rituals and lives. The Inca worshiped the Sun god over all and their kings were said to be descended from this god while the Maya religion was based more on universal acceptances and had many gods. Politically, the Inca had a much more diverse political system which was dependent upon trade and the acceptance of many independently run cities which all served under the "Inca". The Maya although based over a large area were a much more synchronized group and trade was based on agriculture and operated largely within the large urban centers.