The Mayas Of north America.

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The Mayas of Mesoamerica

The Maya civilization started in 400 A.D. in the low lands of the jungle that belongs to the actual territories of Guatemala, Belice and southeast Mexico. But this only prolonged the Spaniard conquest at the beginning of XVI century. The difference from Teotihuacán, the Mayas did not create a unified political structure, but they formed quite a few cities with a common culture. The artistic forms, scientific knowledge and the monumental architecture make the Mayas the more civilized pueblo in different aspects in the American continent.

The lower land of the Mayas experienced a very big growth in population. The area, spread in small agriculture communities. Between these areas, they developed places like, El Mirador, Tikal, Cerros, Becan and Dzibilchaltun, which they were converted in the greatest ceremony centers, and with dozens of inhabitants. They built enormous temples and plazas with a lot of space to reflect the power of authority by the Maya government.

The ceramic and other arts, work of the artisan's specialized in all area.

The Mayas territory had small economics' vinculums between them and with others in tall lands of Guatemala and the coast of the Pacific, including Izapa and Kaminaljuyú. From all these cultures the Mayas adopted the custom of stelae sculpture to imply the historic accomplishments. The formal Maya governments participated in the inscriptions of stelaes with inscriptions that proclaimed their authority, glorified their genealogic and gave a narration of their conquest. They gave the dates were the Mayas had links with the European calendar; these stelaes have a proportion of an exact chronology of the history of the Maya.

The Mayas went into a higher time in their civilization. At that time different Maya cities-states used to compete for government in the land, and the...