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1.0 Introduction

Companies are beginning to use the Internet for customer service. Having product descriptions, technical support and order status information online not only saves money by freeing up a company's own customer service staff to handle more complicated questions and manage customer relations, it can also lead to more satisfied customers.

This report will cover the implementation of this newborn technology for Maybelline Company. Its URL is

1.1 Background

Maybelline is one of the world's leading cosmetic companies with branches in different countries, based in US, has launched a multilingual website to suit the needs of women from various parts of the countries.

Like most other large companies the use of this technology is an indispensable channel to maximise its market exposure and to enhance customer service, as well as to adapt itself to the ever-changing market circumstances.

2.0 Main Features of

Maybelline Company chooses US-based lower cost and fast speed ISPs to host their site.

A feature of the Maybelline site is it adopts separate web designs, and this variety is due to the different countries' culture and traditions, but also due to the different local telecommunication infrastructure, they adopt separate website designs. I will focus on the US version website for instance to extend my analysis. (See homepage in appendix I)


As for the website map concerned, it inserts with many image files for friendly-purpose. It also sorts out information by different purpose and put it into specific sub-sites reasonably, for example whether it is for introducing new products or enhancing relationship with clients.

Its clear and pleasant layout make everyone fully aware where they are on this site, it does not take long to find specific information, which means this site enjoys high level of navigatability, though no search engine offered.

The site...